Sunday, August 22, 2010

Area Adventures

My sister and her husband have bought a restaurant. But before they can open it, they must renovate it. So we gave them a few hours without the kids the past few week-ends and set off on a couple adventures. Last weekend we headed to Luray Caverns about an hour and a half west of us and saw the caves.
They give you headphones to explain the lakes that act as mirrors, the stalactites inside, and even the organ. One channel for kids, one for adults.
Annie had just gotten her first loose tooth! So much fun to play with.
It was Discovery Day! Extra Crowded but still pretty cool!
During the week, it was Annie's turn to empty the dishwasher. But what do you do when you can't reach the cabinet to put the cups away? Gymnastics of course!
This week-end we went to George Washington's house in Mt Vernon. We left E-man home with Daddy on this trip. Abegail visited the salon the day before. I took the boys to the salon on the way home from getting them. That's when I needed a camera. They were all looking at this woman in a chair with braids wrapped tightly around her head. "What is she doing to her hair?" they asked. Boys, that's what we call a weave.
This is George's backyard looking from his back deck. That's the Potomac River back there. Do you know the first year George was president they had more than 600 guests stay over night at their house? I also didn't realize George never had any biological kids. His two kids were Martha's from a previous marriage, but her first husband died. Martha was 4'11" tall and George was 6'2".
Looking over the map, how far away is the car??
The boys came away with George Washington glasses and coins.

Quotes from Cousin Cam:
Aunt Sue: I'm going to take you to George Washington's house.
Cam: Who's George Washington again, is he the guy on the 20 dollar bill?
Quotes from Annie:
A: E-man, what do you want to drink for dinner?
E: Don't talk to me!
A: OK, 1-don't talk to me.

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