Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 3 of E-man's 3rd Surgery

E-man went to his pre-op physical with our pediatrician and she said from exactly this time last year, E-man has gained 14 pounds and grown three inches. She at first expressed concern about how much weight he has gained going from 48 pounds to 62 pounds in a year. Then she looked at him, "wow he is all muscle. Never mind what I said about the weight issue."
Since this is E-man's third surgery to try and correct the ptosis of his left eye, where the eye lid droops down of over his eye, we were very nonchalant going into it. We know the drill, even E-man knows the drill.
"They will put that blue mask over my mouth that tastes bad right?" Right. "And I can't eat breakfast but I will ask you for a snack." To which I'll say no.
We head into surgery in the morning, Scott had to work, but hey we've been here before, we don't need Daddy, I'll text him all the vitals.
E-man plays his DS and cheers every time he scores while everyone else around us looks nervous and like they are going into war camp or something. Mommy sits reading another trauma book, what a sight we must be.
We have the same prep doctors from November who of course remember E-man. E-man has not had his ADHD meds this morning so he is particularly entertaining. He chugged the pre-op Tylenol because he was "thirsty" and almost vomited on it, sending the nurse and I into hysterics laughing. He likes his new socks and gets a kick out of the suit Mommy gets to wear to take him back to the OR. He likes to follow the squiggly line to get the OR and is laughing and giggling the whole time leading me to announce to everyone, "no-one has more fun having surgery than E-man."
He is out in a good hour. The doc, who is the same doc from last time who also gets a kick out of E-man (they must work with really boring kids), comes back and says all is well, now we have to wait and see. I go over the details, no soccer, no swimming for seven days. But he can play in a soccer tournament on the eighth day right? Right.
Then I go back into the recovery room. And they get me situated so I can hold E-man while he wakes up. But already I can hear E-man screaming..."I can't see! My eye, My eye...MOMMY!!!"
So what we forgot when we were treating the morning like a trip to the grocery store, was Dr. Parelhoff was going to be more aggressive in attempts to have this work for more than a week.
E-man was in quite a bit of pain, could not see, and was basically scared.
In the mean time other children were crying and screaming as they were waking up from the various procedures leading me to shout to the nurse, "WHATEVER YOU ALL GET PAID..IT'S NOT ENOUGH!" She looked at me speechless for a second, trying to remember where she put her Excedrin and then said, "you're sweet."
Then she brought E-man some Tylenol with codeine and I quickly asked, "how long do you think it will take this to work?" 15 minutes.
Soon E-man was sleeping and we got him to the car in a wheelchair (I am not carrying 62 pounds anymore) and got him home.
Three hours later he was up asking if he had soccer practice. How quickly we forget. The girls were bored so I took them to our local park and by 4:00 we were playing miniature golf.
You may think it is pretty stupid for me to give E-man a golf club with the eye situation but unfortunately the boats you can rent were out for the summer because they are working on the dam and this was our only option.
E-man did well and did no poke his or anyone else's eye out.
After two days of trying to get him not to run or swim in the bathtub, Scott finished his end of the month work at the club and I got a sweet, sweet reward, taking the girls to Alexandra's (Sophia and Jack) baptism.Quotes from Abegail:
A: When I die can I be buried in Target?
Scott: No, but we'll spread your ashes in the clothes and shoes aisle.


The Googeg's said...

Wow! I sure hope this one helps E-man out.

Another trauma book -- you sound like me! -- Can you share your list?


gretchen said...

Praying it works this time. Sweet boy.

And you are absolutely hilarious!

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

I'm so glad to hear surgery went good, hope this one works!

Valerie said...

Hang in there tough guy! Your eye looks great Eman!!! You are a super hero! Akins, Maima, Valerie and Lorea