Thursday, September 30, 2010

School, Soccer, and other Stuff

We are well into the rhythm of school. Everyday E-man asks if we have school. "Why do we have to go everyday?" he'll say. Other days he'll announce, "I'm just not going to go today." He has a wonderful teacher and special teachers.
They introduced them at the open house and I turned to my neighbor and said, otherwise known as Saints. E-man and I are spending lots of quality time together trying to get homework done, working on our numbers and letters.


The f
all soccer season is well underway. Abegail's team won their first two travel games and tied their third one. Their level of play is awesome!
E-man is dong well too and Annie is having lots of fun with her friends on the team the girls named, The Cherry Blossoms.

Quotes from E-man:
E: Mommy, I'm a man you know how I know?
M: (Thinking this ought to be good.) No, E-man how do you know?
E: Because I'm E---MAN, a man.
M: Yes, that's exactly right.OTHER STUFF
The kids were playing wedding. All E-man wanted to be was the limo driver! Annie lost her first tooth at 11:30 last night.


Valerie said...

This is all great stuff! Finally getting caught up on my reading of others blogs and need to update my own! Love all the stories. Annie looks so cute!

The Googeg's said...

Ah - Quality time on homework -- gotta love it. That wedding picture is too cute. Wokelle wants to be an artist - he wakes up at 5:30 and tells his brother to help him draw. It might be easier to drive a limo.

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