Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stealing A Blog

I have to do it, I have to steal this blog from my friend in Minnesota. It is too sweet not to share. This past weekend, Scott took the girls back to Minnesota so they could see their friends and he could see his Twins. (he saw a few friends too) Tori's mom decided to surprise her, so while Gretchen knew Abegail was coming to sleep over, Tori did not, here's the rest of the story.

I surprised her!
Jamie was at a baseball game so I told the girls we would go for dinner. Abegail was playing at a house that just happened to be on our way. ;) The girls, of course, noticed when I steered off the regular path so I told them I had to pick something up (I was just bursting inside at this moment as you can imagine). I had expected Abegail would be playing outside but she wasn't, so I told Tori to come with me so she could help me pick up my something. She assumed I had bought an item off Craigslist. So when she heard a voice say "Hi, Tori" she sort of waved and said "Who is that?.....Abegail?". And then the big what-in-the-world-is-going-on smile came over her face and she looked at me and ran over and gave me a hug before going in to reunite with her friend. There was chatting and giggling almost instantaneously. ***sigh***.

They sat alone at dinner so they could catch up on some chatting. My heart was so happy watching them talk I had to sneak over and snag a picture. :)

I had a grand idea to take them to the American Girl Bistro for dessert, but when we got there it was closing. That was disappointing. My apologies to Sue, Abegail's mother, for the American Girl Store visit. Sue and I had always stayed strong together staving off the girls constant requests for American Girl dolls. We had even both bought them the Target version a Christmas or two ago to appease some of their longings. But Jamie gave in and we bought Tori one for her birthday this year and I thought Abegail had got one, too. Oops. (Sue she may have said to me, "Now that Tori has one, my mom will have to buy me one"). My deepest apologies. :)

Most of their night was spent in their tent. I would love to hear all that they talked and giggled about inside those blanket walls but that would take the joy and mystery out of preteen girlhood. Of course I asked Tori what they talked about this morning and she gave me the staple pre-teen answer, "Nothing really".

Thanking the Lord today for sweet friendships that cross miles. Their style may change and their topics of conversation may, too, but their hearts will be forever bound by first grade, Mr. Suzuki, soccer, and hand jives. We love you Abegail!
Abegail also got to see her friend Ellen:
And her cousin Martu. Annie stayed with Jane and had a fabulous time too.


Doodle's Diary said...

I love it! I'm so glad the girls got to spend some time together. What great friends!

The Googeg's said...

This looks like it was so much fun. Lovin' Abegail's hair. We have a hair story going on over here... but I will have to share it later.