Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teaching E-man

We (teacher, social worker, special ed teacher, a village, a team, anyone who wants to) are trying to teach E-man to read. My new life is that of a tutor, going over and over words and sounds. E-man does like when he gets it saying, "I'm brilliant." To which I always agree.

There are always the convenient distractions. Last night he wanted hot cocoa, but it was too hot. Instead of blowing on it he went to the trouble of finding a fan and putting it on the hot cocoa to cool it down.
Halloween is coming and this is the year, Annie will be Annie!
Abegail is going to be a sailor girl and E-man will be Mario.

My Costco Kids
My kids are always hungry. They are always standing with the refrigerator door open looking in. Not taking anything, just standing there waiting for the invisible man on the other side of the cold air to magically hand them a piping hot meal. I go to the store, three days later, there is nothing in that refrigerator. There are never leftovers when Scott gets home. Scott asked me, "Where does all the food go?" My best guess, the soccer field.

One day I went to the store and put everything I could think of that would fill them up in the cart. I got to the check out line and ahead of me was an elderly man with his box of bran flakes and half a grapefruit. He looked at me, "You are serious about your grocery shopping."
I said, "I'm just trying to fill my kids up." He said, "you must have some boys in that bunch." Well one.
The check out man tried to politely ask me, "are you sure all of this came out of that cart?" as he was trying to load my bags back in.
It got to the point where I knew the checkers by name. I even knew where they went to high school, what they wanted to be, how long they had worked there, inside jokes about the store. (when they call for the checker Fred its just to make customers think they are doing something about the line, Fred doesn't really work there). They all knew me and my kids. I tried to go to different stores but we are not a very forgettable group.
So I finally did it, I joined Costco.
My friend, Pam told me to do it last summer. I should have but never got around to it.
Costco is an experience in itself. It's really a full day event. If a friend asks you, you want to get together? Just forget it if you have plans to go to Costco. And apparently everyone goes to Costco. It's always packed. The bigger carts help, but really do I need enough croutons to last me a year?? I guess its good to always have some on hand.

First Time Bowlers
My sister and her husband opened a restaurant, Pub No. 7-Congrats Mark and Caroline!
So on their first private party, we took the boys and our neighbor and of course our own kids and went bowling. Scott and I walked to the counter, "We have 7 kids and two adults." The lady looked at me like I had 4 heads, "Well that sounds like a fun evening," she said.
"And none of them have ever bowled before."
She was laughing at me like I just asked her if I could rent a jet and take off in to space.
"What's their shoe size?" She says.
"I have no idea." Who's having fun now??
But we had an awesome time. There is something about bumper bowling that is much less frustrating. They also have this thing that looks like a walker for the kids to roll the ball from. There were even a few strikes in the group.

Quotes from E-man:
I am now doing 1st grade religion class (CCD). Not for myself, I'm going to class with E-man. E-man has to go. If he doesn't, no first Communion for him next year and we all know the importance of Communion to the Catholics.
E-man has not had a good experience with Communion in this church. Last spring he ran up to the priest while the rest of us were in line and said, "gimme some!" I ran after him, grabbing the priest's hand, " NOOOOO, he hasn't had his first Communion yet." The priest gently reminded me about confession.
All this as the well kept mom and her lovely church going husband walked by with their six well dressed, abnormally well behaved children who all had their hands folded...but I think I'm getting off track.
For 4 weeks now I've sat with him in class, positive this is a complete waste of time and I'm just being tortured so God can teach me some kind of lesson.
But then last night on the ride home from soccer practice E-man says:
E: You know Mommy there was nothing in the world and then God said, Let there be light.
M: Yes he did.
E: You know God is really powerful?
M: Yes he is.
E: He made everything. He even made me a really fast runner.
M: That's right, I'm so impressed, you listened in CCD.
E: Yea and its too bad God can't come down here on Earth, he's missing all the fun.


Beth said...

Love, love, love E-man's quote! Hang in there, Mom. YOU aren't missing ANY of the fun, are you?!
Think of y'all often,

The Googeg's said...

SO love to read your blog! Hey taking a passle of kids somewhere and not knowing anyone shoe size -- that's just everyday here! BTW if you need any help learning to feed a tribe let me know!

Keep on keepin' on Mommy.


Valerie said...

As always you and the kids crack me up! The kids have the best comments don't they! God is missing all the fun here on earth? Some days I would say really??

Nancy said...

Well I was in need of a laugh this morning and I certainly got one when I read this blog entry. I hadn't heard, so was glad to know that Mark's restaurant has opened. E-man's comments after the religion class are priceless! But remember, reading is a necessary life skill, taking communion isn't, and if he is feeling overwhelmed by all the things he HAS to do, (school) and all the things he WANTS to do (sports) maybe you could hold off on the religion for a while. Sounds to me like his soul is in pretty good shape for the time being. I absolutely can't wait to see all of you!!