Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Championships today!

Sue's been bugging me a ton lately to post something on the blog...I gave up months ago trying to keep up w/ her regular postings.'s my day! I'm as proud of A&E as I've ever been!!

They had the Burke SoccerFest 4x4 tournament today and both kids WON CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

Abegail scored 5 goals in the first two games and her team finished with a 3-1 record. They won their division and she brought home a nice, shiny gold medal.

E-Man played with the Golden Jets - the 4x4 team that's won tournaments in the past and will be traveling to Orlando in January to play in a national tournament. This was a nice opportunity for them to play together again in preparation for that big tournament. E-man started much slower than Abegail, scoring only once in the first 3 games. But in the Championship game HE SCORED 2!! And his team won 2-0!!!

Here are the photos I was able to take this afternoon! Enjoy....

Abegail's Breakaway Goal!

E-Man's Breakaway Goal!

Abegail and Coach Annig are #1!

"Daddy, I scored 2 goals and we won!!"

Abegail, E-Man and Coach Mo


The Googeg's said...

Wow! 2 championships. That's awesome!


Valerie said...

Kids I am so proud of you both!!! Way to go....

gretchen said...

That is awesome! And way to get back on the posting wagon, Scott!