Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How was Work Mommy?

"How was school? How was soccer? We're you a good boy? Do you have homework? How was violin? How was lunch? How is Mrs. Archibald?"
The questions go on and on every day at our house as I try and catch up on the kids days. Finally one day I said, "Hey, no one asked me how my day was?"
Well it was one of the few things they got on the first time. Now I come home and I instantly have three, "How was work Mommy?" They have even bombarded Scott as he walks in the door, "How was work Daddy?" "Did you have a good day?"
They saw how pleased I was so as I settle into the house and start with, "Who was eating down here?" They try to divert me, "How was work Mommy?" "Did you take my make-up again?" "How was work Mommy?"
No matter what they've done during the day it's nice to be asked by three sweet voices.

I officially hate Halloween. I don't hate the costumes or the trick or treating. I hate the aftermath with Emmanuel. Seriously, I need to get a law to congress saying its illegal to give a kid with ADHD free candy. It starts now then we go through Thanksgiving with lots of chaos and noise and then Christmas. I know its awful to hate the holidays but every year since E-man has come home it has put him in a tailspin that he doesn't recover from until Groundhog day. My friend and Mother mentor wrote this great article to put it all in perspective.


The Googeg's said...

Good for you -- teaching the kids to think of you as a whole person.

Aww. thanks for the link -- I am so touched that you would consider me a Mother Mentor, that was sweet.

Valerie said...

Amen sisters!!!