Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Greatest Gift Ever....

Annie had to write a story about the greatest gift ever. Here is what she wrote:
The greatest gift I ever received was my brother and sister becuse thay are nice to me. Thay very speshel to me becus thay are from a diffrint contry and also my family becuse thay love me a lot.
I'm pretty sure I wrote a similar essay at her age and picked my mickey mouse talking phone. Merry Christmas to all my blog buddies!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Annie's All Stars

Annie and her 9 teammates had the time of their lives this weekend playing in their very first tournament. They played seven games four yesterday and three today. And they played awesome. They only won one but they didn't seem to mind. They were having a ball. For Scott and I, it was also a blast. When you get to the travel leagues, most teams have a rule that parents can not cheer too loudly and definitely can not tell a child what to do. This is so the player will think for themselves and focus on their coaches. They don't have that rule when you're 7 and well, 7 year olds need a little help anyway, so we took full advantage of cheering loudly. Annie was more aggressive than we've ever seen her and fit right in with the players. We are very proud of our All Star.
The first day was very cold, the second day much betterThe girls named themselves the lions so after every cheer they had to give a roar....

This is what you do between games, playground time!

The coaches were fantastic with the kids. Coach Phil liked to tell jokes. At one of the practices he told a joke and no one laughed and Annie remarked, "crickets." He took it as his personal challenge to try and get Annie to laugh at one of his jokes.

Disney World...Again????

First, Annie is having the time of her life at All Stars, we will post a full update tonight.
But yes, we are going to ESPN Wide World of Sports again this year for the Kick It 3x3 World Championships. This year Coach Mo is taking three teams! Last night we had the boys over for a little psych up party. And I tried to prepare them mentally. Here is the quiz I gave them:

Walt Disney World Quiz

1. The Walt Disney Company was founded in: A. 1923 B. 1953 C. 1993 D. 2010?

2. True or False: Last year, Coach Mo threw up on Space Mountain

3. True or False: Our hotel could be inundated with College Cheerleaders

4. True or False: There is a gift shop at the Soccer field?

5. True or False: You may have to play girls at this tournament

6. True or False: Coach Jimmy can tell you where the closest Dr. is to Disney World

7. Last year Yonas’ family brought their car to Disney world but they didn’t drive it. How did it get there? A. the magic of Disney B. Water Ferry C. Train D. Golden Jets Soccer players pushed it down.

8. True or False: There is nothing to do in Cinderella’s Castle

9. The temperature in Orlando today was A. 80 degrees B. 32 Degrees C. 112 degrees D. 65 degrees

10. You should bring some warm clothes to the Florida tournament True or False?

11. True or False: The Golden Jets will have an awesome time at the 2012 Kick It World Championships!!!

Meanwhile I put the parents to work ironing. I'm so busy you know I thought they could help me out. OK, no I did not make them iron Scott's sweat suits. They ironed patches on the Golden Jets Jerseys. And Kudos go to the Male coaches who were just as involved as the soccer moms. Enjoy the pics.

*For accuracy purposes, no Coach Mo did not lose his lunch on Space Mountain and yes you should bring warm clothes to Florida, can be in 40's for a.m. games

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taking Off

The title of the blog is in honor of Eman's pilot costume for Halloween. Updating Eman's life will take much, much longer. But I know someday I will want to look back and remember all this so here goes:

Last week, our priest gave a homily on love. He said, "love is not a warm and fuzzy feeling, it is an orientation of our actions."
We have really been doing our best to love Eman.

Eman had an extremely rough August. So physical, so violent, so much so we were concerned about the next minute, the next hour. How will we be able to keep doing this? After an intense five days, an increase in medication finally helped.
Then, I went to my adoption support group. (there are support groups for everything aren't there?) There was a woman there who had never been before.
She spoke just before my turn and said, "we've been doing biofeedback therapy with our 18 year old son. It seems to help."
I interrupted, "What's biofeedback? Where do I get it?"

So I called the center in Bethesda, Maryland and took Eman in. The first step, a brain map to see if biofeedback would actually help.
The next day I go in for an interview. Dr. Esty has the results.
Dr. Esty is an older woman who often wears the same outfit, a long skirt, a blouse, and a sweater vest. She could be anyone's grandma. She struck me as a very intelligent woman who would have trouble figuring out how to make a xerox copy.
She sat in a rocking chair and asked me several questions. Then she got out her diagrams.
"It looks like your son has a traumatic brain injury, " she said.
"Look at these graphs, there are abnormalities in every part of the brain. Most likely he only hears static when you tell him to do something. See all this activity here? This is the quiet part of the brain. See all this quiteness here? This is the active part of the brain."
I remember sitting there, looking at her paying attention to every word, her clipboard, her pencil, her softspoken but firm plan of how we were going to move forward to treat or save Eman.
I got to my car and called Scott, "I'm so sad for him."

The next night, Scott went to his 'mancave.' I mumbled negatively in my head.
The next day when I went to use the computer I found a stack of research he had been doing on "raising children with traumatic brain injuries."
I scanned through some of the articles. The advice: don't trigger them. Take out things that will cause episodes. Raising a spoiled child is the least of your concerns.

So we went back a few times and had electrodes put on Eman's head. We noticed no change, but after every appointment, "that will be 90 dollars." Can you at least say please? It's too controversial so insurance isn't on board.
Ok, this is an expensive visit that takes an hour to get to. Maybe you won't be our answer to 'saving Eman.'
But the whole thing did get us to make an appointment with a pediatric neurologist who hopefully can give us an MRI and an exact picture as to what's going on.

In the midst of all of this, a friend told me about an 80 year old lady who lived a block down the road from us who was talking about Eman. The woman was raising a granddaughter who was a friend of my friend. What she told me, worried me. You see, the last couple of times we've moved I've been very deliberate to tell neighbors about Eman. That is so if they see a two hour "big mad" or hear a lot of screaming, they won't give it a second thought. It was time for me to meet the grandma down the road.

I greeted her in her driveway. "Hi Evelyn, I'm Sue, I just moved in, I thought it was time for you and me to get to know each other."
She looked startled but invited me in. Her living room, looked like my Grandmother's living room. Everything was in its place. There was no evidence of a child ever being in that room.
"I"m sorry it's such a mess," she said. Oh dear I thought we are not going to see eye to eye on much if she thinks this is a mess.
I told her about Eman, about our goals about how she could support us.
"Well, I appreciate what you're trying to do with those colored children," she said in her thickest southern accent.
"Oh yes, they want to be called black now," she said as calmly as if we were sitting on a southern plantation watching slaves pick the crops.
"They ARE BLACK!" I said getting angrier.
"Now don't you raise your voice in my house," she said
"I apologize."
"You know I moved here in 1948 and I was racist. But then I had my granddaughter and I love her to pieces, but she has a very tough life ahead of her," she said.
Her granddaughter happens to be biracial.
"Uh, Evelyn she doesn't have a tougher road than anyone else, things have changed," I said at this point I was pretty sure I was in the twilight zone.
"Well, I guess they are starting to change but it will be tough. I am sure you love that boy like a son," she said drifting off as if she needed more lemonade to finish her thought.
"Yes, that's because HE IS MY SON," I said firmly.
Feeling like I was in a movie, I decided to end the scene. As I stood to leave, Evelyn reached to hug me and said, "well I hope we can be friends."
"Yes, I'll call you as soon as I need someone to watch Eman," I thought.
Evelyn waves every time I pass now. I haven't heard any more rumors about Eman.

But Eman is enough to keep up with without worrying about the neighborhood. Every day he does something that could make me laugh...if I wasn't his mother.
Just now he came in, "I wanted to put the candy in the bowl."
The candy, is the Halloween candy that had been hidden far, far out of reach of an eight year old. Eman found the candy and put it in the bowl. He also ate six pieces before I had a chance to say NO.

Eman has a male teacher this year, Mr. McGuire.
Mr. McGuire is new to the school and one of the most positive people I have ever met. He and his wife are both second grade teachers, with no children of their own.
At the open house he started by saying, "I just love all your children. They are all wonderful and polite and we are going to have a great year."
I wanted to raise my hand and say 'have you actually met the children?'
He gives happy notes and Eman has gotten two. Eman loves to get happy notes and that's his new goal in life. Whatever works, I'm all for it.

Eman still plays soccer almost every day. His coaches are still amazing.
Eman sleeps with Mommy and Daddy every night. It is OK with us. We want to have him be safe and hugged as much as possible. Every now and then, I lay right down beside him and whisper in his ear, "I know you are going to be something great."


Abegail joined a new soccer team this summer and the fall season is almost over. Two parents on her team are excellent at taking photos so I have a lot of good ones of her. They really are amazing pictures, since getting the kids in a split second is difficult. Abegail is all about the friends and likes the girls on the team as well as the coach. I constantly am calling her Abs when she's on the field. So that's my new nickname for her. She is liking 5th grade and again all about the friends. She will be an 80's dancer for Halloween, she liked the costume apparently. Abs is again playing violin at school and loving it. She and Annie are still best buds. Still having a slumber party every night and Abs still dresses Annie every morning. It's cutest of all when they sing together.

Monday, October 24, 2011

All Star Annie

So I have not blogged in a long time. How to catch up? One child at a time.
When it comes to Annie we have very exciting news. She made the All Star Soccer team. When the coach told me I said, "you know she isn't one of the adopted ones right?" He said, "yes I figured that. She is doing well at defense." I will say Annie has improved a lot since the days when she never touched the ball in a whole game and now she is very excited to be playing in a tournament.
"Now, Eman and Abegail will have to come to my tournament. Well unless they have a game, " she said when I told her the news.
Eman is especially proud and likes to train her in the family room. Annie on the other hand works to get him to behave saying, "if you do your homework, I'll play soccer with you." "If you don't get ready for school, I won't play soccer with you." It is quite cute actually, that is when Eman isn't injuring Annie with one of his kicks.
For Halloween, Annie will be Raggedy Ann. We wanted Eman to be Andy but he said he didn't know who that was so he decided on an airline pilot. All I can think of is every time we fly he checks out the buttons in the cockpit.
Quotes from Annie:
"Does Eman have an off button? We should press it."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Highlights

Yesterday I posted one of E-man's highlights from's the full highlight package. Enjoy.

Quotes from Eman:
E: Mommy when I am grown up and married, are you going to live in the same house with me and my wife or are you going to move to a different house?
M: We will probably stay in the same house and you and your wife can live with us or you can move to a different house.
E: I think we'll probably live with you
Daddy: You should start sleeping in your own bed then.

Quotes from Annie:
M: You are always so happy, are you having a good life?
A: Yea, lets go with that.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Typical E-man - on the Pitch

It's been a long weekend of soccer! Both Abegail and E-man have a 2-day tournament and (of course) they're at different locations each day so that means lots of running around and getting kids where they need to go.

Both kids played really well today! E-man in particular was especially awesome! He was moved up this fall to the "A" team (he's playing up 2 years already) and this was his first day on the Joga Arsenal "Blue" team. It makes me laugh every time I see this (you'll know what I mean when you get about :15 into the video) but really folks....THIS is very typical E-man! Enjoy

Besides his amazing ability to just weave around the opposing players without being touched, I really love the very end when he dusts himself off...walks slowly back to his position...and in true E-man fashion, takes a quick glance at the back of his uniform to make sure he still looks good!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We took our annual trip to Oklahoma last week for fun with Grandma and Grandpa and time to see two of our favorite families with Liberian kids. The above picture is at the Oklahoma Science Museum, very cool place. The kids loved it.
Annie was the only one with straight hair, that got her a lot of attention.
Val and Lorea have moved! This is the front door to their new house. For us it felt like a resort. An awesome place to relax and get away.
Oklahoma travels did not interfere with Scott's obsession of following Twins Baseball.
Matthew and Eman
The Knupp's have a new dog, bubbles, she swims!
The whole gang
The view of the house from the trampoline, backyard.
Horses next door!
A zip line
Play houses, one for Maima and one for Akins
Group photo with horses
Maima and Eman have a 'special' relationship
Eman, what can I say he didn't make much progress on this trip
The surprise of the crowd on Eman's new outfit
A walk to find spiders, Sue was not disappointed we didn't find any.
Scott get up, you are being lazy, say the kids
Matthew shows off his dancing during karoke night
Jemama LOVES to read
Bye Akins, we'll miss you!
Having fun with G'pa and G'ma
This is what they do in Oklahoma when it's been 105 for more than a month. They try and get vanilla wafers in their mouth from their forehead.
Thanks for a great visit!