Saturday, January 8, 2011

Abegail's Red Carpet Slumber Party

Walking the long red carpet, red carpet courtesy Auntie Caroline Christmas gift
Pinatas in the winter, blindfolded, next to the china cabinet. Great. When it burst more shrieking
The girls had to grab a partner, find something around the house, and make a gown
Yes, I did move all my furniture and made both the dining room and living room an entire red carpet with Christmas lights

The results of the house fashion contest, Nicole is going for the bathroom look
When I woke Annie up Friday morning she said she would only get up because it was the day of Abegail's birthday party. Eman did not have the same reaction.
Abegail directs "happy birthday" in spanish
My red carpet cake
Abegail turns 11 Monday. She had a red carpet slumber party for her birthday. All of Friday night my house sounded like a jet taking off. Girls shrieking on the top of their lungs. I don't know how Hannah Montana's mother does it. They were excited about everything. We had games, they played musical chairs, hide and seek in the dark, and gave themselves facials. At one point I noticed a 10 year old girl putting on my age defying make-up. What is wrong with this picture?
Scott was in Chicago that day and didn't get home til cake time. After eating cake he went to his room and never came out. I'm pretty sure he was scared to come out.
But the girls loved walking the red carpet. Although they were a little bland when answering the question, "who are you wearing?" Two girls did not stay the night. I was hoping it would be two of the loudest shriekers. When they left I found out they were not the loudest ones. I wanted to call the moms and tell them to try again, they took the wrong girls. We made it through.
Abegail has now been sleeping for five hours this afternoon. I guess we are successfully moving on the 11.
Notice no pictures of Eman. He went to Auntie Caroline's for the night. I guess I did have a diva night too!


The Googeg's said...

OOOH! Red Carpet Cake and Red Carpet party. You are the Mom with the mostest. You are entering the great tween/teen years. All I can tell you is stock up on food and be ready to buy clothes every five minutes.


gretchen said...

You do the best slumber parties! The red carpet is brilliant and the cake looks smashing! Happy Birthday Abegail!!!!

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

What a super cool birthday party!! Such a neat idea! It seems all the girls had a blast!! With Opie's parties, lucky me I get to hide lol Happy Birthday Abegail!!!

Valerie said...

I still don't get where you get all the energy from.... so jealous She-ro!

I love the cucumbers on the eyes very funny!