Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney World 2011

Our hotel, the All Star Sports Resort, complete with x's and o's to play on outside, great for energetic soccer players

Day 1 at the Hollywood Studios at the "Honey I shrunk the kids park."

One of the few time Eman stood still and smiled at the park!
Magic Kingdom on Day 2. My sister and her boys had a roller coaster all picked out for the first thing to do. Annie had other ideas, "didn't you know Cinderella's castle is here?"
Look Mom, it's Minnie Mouse!
Fireworks over Cinderella's castle. WOW!
The crew comes to see Eman
Day 3: Epcot Center

Day 3: Eman's team winning!
Day 4: Animal Kingdom. We never had everyone in our group together for a full picture, so this will do, finally a day to take off our winter coats (Florida isn't all that balmy in January) and wear matching short sleeve shirts
Rain Delay on Day 5... soon it's time to go home.

The kids all had a great time. But the parks were definitely challenging for Eman. Too much stimulus for that little brain to even allow him to walk straight. He went to Hollywood studios with us, then on day 2, he and Scott just spent an hour and a half at Magic Kingdom and on Day 3 Epcot was a short few hours until everyone in our family except Abegail crashed at the hotel. Having soccer was the perfect way to do Disney World with our family!


gretchen said...

How fun that your whole family came down, too. The girls are anxious to go sometime soon. Abegail looks way too old....make her stop.

Valerie said...

Everyone looks great! What a great trip!