Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kick It! In Orlando, Florida

We believe soccer is the best thing for Eman. To us, it's better than any counselor. The coaches we have found who are willing to put up with him are better than any anti-psychotic medication (although we don't leave home without the pills). But this is why we took Eman and the rest of the family to Florida and Disney World for the Kick It 3 on 3 World Championships. It was exhausting. Eman was challenging and endearing all at the same time. The tournament was held at ESPN Wide World of Sports which is an amazing complex.
Seeing the complex was a bit overwhelming to Emmanuel. So much so he forgot how to put on his socks, shinguards, and shoes.
Practice was Friday afternoon and the boys were very psyched.
And Mom and Dad reached the point where we now had to pay to get into the complex and see Eman play soccer.
Look at this Eman, we are not in Virginia any more.
OK, so there are 34 teams just in the male U8 division, where in the world is field 22C?
A look at the complex
Eman was off at practice, but the sunshine was beautiful for Mommy and Daddy
After the first day, the boys lost both games. The level of play was quite eye opening and overwhelming, but they still had some smiles left.
Bring in the siblings
The second day, the boys (and Eman) will not be stopped! They lost the first game but played great and won the last two games.
Eman is hitting his groove
Great job guys, to a team they beat
The third day was met with thunderstorms, monsoon rains, and a tornado warning. No playing today although we were at the complex all day trying to wait it out with delay after delay.
The team, Franzke is missing, he came down with the flu, poor guy. But overall the team got fourth in the silver division and a great trophy. Great job Golden Jets.
Oh and one more thing, just because the tournament didn't go on the third day, didn't mean the boys didn't play. They found a u8 girls team from Colorado who all looked like Annie with names like Molly, Sophie, and Emma who they played inside on a carpet.
And these tough boys got smoked by the girls 4-2!
I'll write about the Disney part of the trip tomorrow.

Quotes from Eman:

We stayed at the All Star Resort Hotel on Disney property. It was filled with College Dancers and Cheerleaders who were also competing at ESPN Wide World of Sports in the NCAA Dance and Cheerleading championships.
Mommy talking to Auntie Caroline: "Remember when you were in college and had lots of energy, no one hanging on you, could eat a meal in peace, and looked good?"
Auntie C: "Yea, nice to see all these beautiful cheerleaders around here."
Eman: They're hot!


The Googeg's said...

That looks like quite a trip! It looks like it was fun.


gretchen said...

What a great trip for you guys. I love to hear Eman enjoying soccer and doing so well at it!

It is FREEZING in MN today. Can't help but remind me of your hilarious news piece on who is out on days like this. :)

Valerie said...

Way to go Eman!

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

WHAT a fun trip!!! Glad you all had a great time!! YAY Eman!