Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me For President

Both Annie and Eman have been learning in school about what it would be like to be the President. They both filled out their own worksheets with their ideas of what kind of President they would be.

Here's Annie:
1. What should you learn in school to prepare as President?
I should learn how to read. I should learn the states.
2. What kind of qualities should a good President have?
A good President should be kind, smart, honest, strong, creative, and leaders.
3. Tell why you would make a good President.
I would make a good President because I am nice and smart.

Now Eman:
If I were President, By Eman
If I were President the first thing I would do is: I would drink a lot of water (it is good for the leader of the free world to be well hydrated)
If I were President I would eat: I will eat an apple.
If I were President I would travel to: Pennsylvania to the mountain.
If I were President I would have a pet: dog named: Rossi
If I were President I would pass a law that: I will not follow the rules.
If I were President I would help: poor people.
Comments: good luck

Big news today:
Eman made the U9 Fairfax boys travel soccer team with Coach Tim and Coach Kephern! Congrats Eman!

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