Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eman's First Game with the Travel Team

This is quickly moving from an adoption blog to a soccer blog and Scott and I are extremely proud of that fact. To us it means progress. Eman had his first game with the U9 travel team today and he scored two goals!!! They tied 2 to 2. Scott said he played well. I was with Abegail who had a scrimmage today and she also scored two goals. We are proud of all the kids, but with Eman, the victories seem a little sweeter, maybe that's because the challenges are a little more intense.
April Fools: I know many of you must be yearning to know how the most important holiday in the Richardson household went. All day Abegail was on guard. What are you going to do? She was guessing too. We didn't say a thing, but of course we had a plan.
We are hoping to buy a house one of these days and Abegail is hoping that new house comes with her own room. She is even searching the internet to find "acceptable" houses for us. So Scott and I decided to tell her that there was a new Virginia law. No girl under 14 years old was allowed to have her own room. We waited until night when we were both home and very seriously told her to sit down, "we needed to have a talk." At that point she burst out "APRIL FOOLS!" So our April fools was a bust, maybe next year....


gretchen said...

I love hearing about and celebrating each victory for Eman!

We April fooled Tori..even got some tears. I thought of you guys and wondered if you were able to pull anything off. ;)

Valerie said...

Gosh it is so great to see this little man become a giant at this sport!!!