Monday, May 23, 2011

Juxon Place

Annie and Rubi
Hector and Eman
(they are playing lift the basket with the rope, must be an African game)

We have been in our new house two weeks now. And it is NOT photo ready. Unpacking this time is much slower than last time. I was wondering why it was taking us so long and it occurred to me, last time I wasn't working. Both Scott and I are anxious to be done and we are over it.
Also we realize, you haven't really lived until you've changed addresses with Eman. We moved less than a mile, Eman has the same school, the same room in the house, and has friends he likes. He is happy about the move. But it is change...and he does not do well with change. Eman has good days and bad - but overall we are looking forward to this transition being over for him.
Moving always makes me think of military families. Why on Earth the military makes families move every two to three years, I've never understood. Then it dawned on me as I was developing a fever while painting Abegail's room. If you can move every two to three years with a family, you certainly are ready for battle.
We really love our new house. It is on a cul-de-sac with LOTS of kids. The poor single woman who lives next door. Turns out its OK though, she's a high school teacher. Eman and Hector are inseparable. Hector's sister Rubi has become quite close with Annie and their older sister and cousin are both friends with Abegail. It is a kids' paradise. The two catholic families next door have a total of eight kids combined. The family next to them has two girls and came over the other night with dumplings.

The family we bought the house from moved to California. When I found that out, I told our realtor, if they don't have room for everything in their truck, tell them we will take care of it, as I was picturing our move in Minnesota the night before, "get your grandfather's chair here! free yard table with all four legs, help yourself!"

Turns out a lot of people have that problem when they move. And the nice family, whose second grader shared the same special ed teacher with Eman, didn't have room for a car bed (now Eman's), a complete bedroom set, a treadmill, loads of yard tools, oh and their big screen plasma TV. While I felt bad for them, I did feel amazed, all things we needed, all for us.
Most of you will be happy to know too that they left us a second fridge (I guess they had met our kids at the snack bar of the pool and figured we'd need it). Their dryer is something I imagine on the flight deck of NASA. It also takes an astronaut (or Scott) to figure it out. Every appliance beeps. The remote is like an air traffic control panel and none of us (except Scott) can regularly get the sound to work. It is also amazing to me how we only moved a mile yet every TV channel is different...where is the Disney channel on Juxon place?? And is it pron: "Juckson" or "Jookson"??

So we will continue to unpack and someday there will be pictures.
We have started taking Eman to the chiropractor. Yes, I'm willing to try anything with this child. But Eman has been getting very bad tension headaches where as he says, "it feels like a soccer ball bouncing in my head." He even skips recess on those days in exchange for naps in the nurse's office. Dr. Lee looked at his spine and said he has the tension of a 30 or 40 year old. All from anxiety. I do think the adjustments help, but we need to go regularly. If you are wondering what Dr. Lee is doing here, he is holding Casey the Camel. It belongs to Eman's class and it was his turn to take care of her.

Quotes from
Eman jumped into bed with us the first morning in our new house. He grabbed Scott's hand and mine and announced:
E: "Mommy and Daddy...BFF's!"


The Googeg's said...

I don't know how you juggle it all and work full time! I am glad you are in your new house and all the kids have friends to play with. It is going to be a fun summer!

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

Congrats on the new house!! It sounds lovely and I can't wait to see pictures!