Monday, May 2, 2011

Moooooving Again...

Because we had so much fun doing it the last time, we are moving again! But we are very happy about this move, we go from renting to being homeowners in a great house for our family. We are in the same neighborhood just down the street but in a cul de sac with tons of kids and lots of friends from school as neighbors. Eman has a new friend Hector who he is obsessed with. I'm not sure Hector feels the same way, but Hector does play soccer and seems mildly amused by Eman. We move next weekend.

Lots more info. to come!
But first: Annie has no teeth, but lots of visits from the tooth fairy
Quotes From Annie:
A: "Mommy, I know where we are going to live?"
M: Where?
A: In a cold sac
M: Oh, honey not any longer, this is a much better sac.


The Googeg's said...

Congratulations! I hope you post pictures of your new place. I am sure that this move will be a lot smoother.


gretchen said...

Yay. I don't think anything too bad could happen moving down the street, but I will just wait and see. ;)
So happy for you!

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

Congrats!!! The new house sounds lovely! Happy Mother's Day!