Sunday, June 12, 2011

Annie & Eman's Room

Eman came up with the idea for his room all on his own. A Liberian flag on one wall, an American one on the other, decorated in red white and blue.
Annie's room is all pink and it is awesome!
Abegail had her first strings concert last week. 120 kids, they did great. The teacher is a gem.


gretchen said...

What a great idea from Eman- I love it! And Annie's room is little girl perfect!

Once again I will be withholding the own room information from Tori. ;)

The Googeg's said...

Pretty neat rooms! I was thinking about you this week -- glad to see some news from your family.


The Johnson Family of Seven said...

Love the rooms, they are adorable!!! Love all the pink, my 17 year old has an all pink room like that :) Glad all is going well!

Valerie said...

Great minds think alike. Akins has a Liberian flag on his wall too!