Sunday, June 19, 2011

Annie's Animal Cakes

This year we got smart, OK take that with a grain of salt. But we decide to have Annie's birthday party before school ended so everyone would be able to come and no on would be out of town. 25 kids later, we will go back to original plan of having it in the summer next year. But there's nothing like having that many kids come to your house to motivate you to unpack and put away all the nails, hammers, and screwdrivers. So here are a few of the rooms in our house. Annie had a farm themed birthday so she wanted a cow and pony cake. Her friend Rubi helped us make them. Annie told Rubi, "My mom always has to make my cakes." Yes, deal with it. But she really liked them in the end, I don't think the batter was bad either.
Family Room, a room we didn't have in the old house, we live in here
Living room, for calm and peacefulness, unfortunately it wasn't soundproofed
Toy room, or soccer room, yes you may play with the ball in here
Abegail's room
Kitchen, I knew it was gorgeous. I didn't know how gorgeous til we were back at the rental house last weekend, cleaning it.


The Googeg's said...

WOW - everything looks great. We have one of those living room for peace and quiet too. I wonder how yours is going? My kids have found interesting ways to be in that room and NOT be at all quiet.


The Johnson Family of Seven said...

It looks awesome!! Soccer in the house? WOW, you are a super cool mom!!

gretchen said...

Looks awesome!