Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Highlights

Yesterday I posted one of E-man's highlights from's the full highlight package. Enjoy.

Quotes from Eman:
E: Mommy when I am grown up and married, are you going to live in the same house with me and my wife or are you going to move to a different house?
M: We will probably stay in the same house and you and your wife can live with us or you can move to a different house.
E: I think we'll probably live with you
Daddy: You should start sleeping in your own bed then.

Quotes from Annie:
M: You are always so happy, are you having a good life?
A: Yea, lets go with that.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Typical E-man - on the Pitch

It's been a long weekend of soccer! Both Abegail and E-man have a 2-day tournament and (of course) they're at different locations each day so that means lots of running around and getting kids where they need to go.

Both kids played really well today! E-man in particular was especially awesome! He was moved up this fall to the "A" team (he's playing up 2 years already) and this was his first day on the Joga Arsenal "Blue" team. It makes me laugh every time I see this (you'll know what I mean when you get about :15 into the video) but really folks....THIS is very typical E-man! Enjoy

Besides his amazing ability to just weave around the opposing players without being touched, I really love the very end when he dusts himself off...walks slowly back to his position...and in true E-man fashion, takes a quick glance at the back of his uniform to make sure he still looks good!