Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Highlights

Yesterday I posted one of E-man's highlights from's the full highlight package. Enjoy.

Quotes from Eman:
E: Mommy when I am grown up and married, are you going to live in the same house with me and my wife or are you going to move to a different house?
M: We will probably stay in the same house and you and your wife can live with us or you can move to a different house.
E: I think we'll probably live with you
Daddy: You should start sleeping in your own bed then.

Quotes from Annie:
M: You are always so happy, are you having a good life?
A: Yea, lets go with that.


gretchen said...

He is awesome. The girls and I love how he is all business after he scores. :) too cute.

The Johnson Family of Seven said...

Love the quotes!! :-)