Monday, October 24, 2011

All Star Annie

So I have not blogged in a long time. How to catch up? One child at a time.
When it comes to Annie we have very exciting news. She made the All Star Soccer team. When the coach told me I said, "you know she isn't one of the adopted ones right?" He said, "yes I figured that. She is doing well at defense." I will say Annie has improved a lot since the days when she never touched the ball in a whole game and now she is very excited to be playing in a tournament.
"Now, Eman and Abegail will have to come to my tournament. Well unless they have a game, " she said when I told her the news.
Eman is especially proud and likes to train her in the family room. Annie on the other hand works to get him to behave saying, "if you do your homework, I'll play soccer with you." "If you don't get ready for school, I won't play soccer with you." It is quite cute actually, that is when Eman isn't injuring Annie with one of his kicks.
For Halloween, Annie will be Raggedy Ann. We wanted Eman to be Andy but he said he didn't know who that was so he decided on an airline pilot. All I can think of is every time we fly he checks out the buttons in the cockpit.
Quotes from Annie:
"Does Eman have an off button? We should press it."