Sunday, November 20, 2011

Annie's All Stars

Annie and her 9 teammates had the time of their lives this weekend playing in their very first tournament. They played seven games four yesterday and three today. And they played awesome. They only won one but they didn't seem to mind. They were having a ball. For Scott and I, it was also a blast. When you get to the travel leagues, most teams have a rule that parents can not cheer too loudly and definitely can not tell a child what to do. This is so the player will think for themselves and focus on their coaches. They don't have that rule when you're 7 and well, 7 year olds need a little help anyway, so we took full advantage of cheering loudly. Annie was more aggressive than we've ever seen her and fit right in with the players. We are very proud of our All Star.
The first day was very cold, the second day much betterThe girls named themselves the lions so after every cheer they had to give a roar....

This is what you do between games, playground time!

The coaches were fantastic with the kids. Coach Phil liked to tell jokes. At one of the practices he told a joke and no one laughed and Annie remarked, "crickets." He took it as his personal challenge to try and get Annie to laugh at one of his jokes.

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