Sunday, November 20, 2011

Disney World...Again????

First, Annie is having the time of her life at All Stars, we will post a full update tonight.
But yes, we are going to ESPN Wide World of Sports again this year for the Kick It 3x3 World Championships. This year Coach Mo is taking three teams! Last night we had the boys over for a little psych up party. And I tried to prepare them mentally. Here is the quiz I gave them:

Walt Disney World Quiz

1. The Walt Disney Company was founded in: A. 1923 B. 1953 C. 1993 D. 2010?

2. True or False: Last year, Coach Mo threw up on Space Mountain

3. True or False: Our hotel could be inundated with College Cheerleaders

4. True or False: There is a gift shop at the Soccer field?

5. True or False: You may have to play girls at this tournament

6. True or False: Coach Jimmy can tell you where the closest Dr. is to Disney World

7. Last year Yonas’ family brought their car to Disney world but they didn’t drive it. How did it get there? A. the magic of Disney B. Water Ferry C. Train D. Golden Jets Soccer players pushed it down.

8. True or False: There is nothing to do in Cinderella’s Castle

9. The temperature in Orlando today was A. 80 degrees B. 32 Degrees C. 112 degrees D. 65 degrees

10. You should bring some warm clothes to the Florida tournament True or False?

11. True or False: The Golden Jets will have an awesome time at the 2012 Kick It World Championships!!!

Meanwhile I put the parents to work ironing. I'm so busy you know I thought they could help me out. OK, no I did not make them iron Scott's sweat suits. They ironed patches on the Golden Jets Jerseys. And Kudos go to the Male coaches who were just as involved as the soccer moms. Enjoy the pics.

*For accuracy purposes, no Coach Mo did not lose his lunch on Space Mountain and yes you should bring warm clothes to Florida, can be in 40's for a.m. games

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The Googeg's said...

Wait a minute -- the most important question was left unanswered. Is there anything to do in Cinderella's castle or not?

I have to say -- you are the only person I know that would have an ironing party!

Looks like fun.