Monday, February 20, 2012

First Penance


Annie and Eman had their First Penance Saturday. They both admitted to being nervous at first, but Annie came out with a smile. Eman was the only child who decided to take on the priest face to face. Everyone else wanted the screen between them and the scary priest. He was in there for quite a while. So much so, I started to get a bit nervous. I hope he's not having a big mad for the priest. He came out like it was no sweat. Later in the night he was raging (our new word for the big mad) and yells, "I hate going to confession." God appreciates your honesty Eman good job. Eman wasn't very in to taking pictures so we don't have any of him. But here are some of Annie. Next up, First Communion May 6th.


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The Googeg's said...

Raging after penance ... Sometimes the event buildup just boils those little teapots right over doesn't it? I have been standing in too many church parking lots with a screaming child lately -- so I can totally relate.

So glad to see you back.