Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Eman Soccer

Here's another indoor game of Eman's from February 18th. Yes, his mother packed the wrong jersey so he's wearing an orange pene. His team heads to the playoffs next weekend.
Scott made him a facebook page (see right side of blog for link) and his own website (what 8 year old doesn't need his own website?), you can follow him at:

Quotes From Eman:

Watching Annie's first indoor soccer game:
E: I should be their Coach.
Mommy: Really? What would you tell them if you were their coach?
E: I'd tell them to spread out and look for options
M: Hello Kephern Jr.


RUTH said...

Tell E-man that some crazy woman from New Zealand (which is even further away than Liberia) is cheering him on.

RUTH said...
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The Googeg's said...

His own website, wow Eman is it! It looks like soccer is really his thing and that is just awesome.