Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy's Birthday at the Movies

Scott's birthday is not until March 12th but Annie knew what she wanted to get Daddy for his birthday, a family movie. The five of us have never all gone to a movie together. So off we went to see the Lorax in 3D.

Moms vs. Dad's Soccer cheering:
It's come to my attention that Scott and I cheer very differently at the kids soccer games.
Scott: Come on now Eman use your body.
Sue: Are you cold honey?
Scott: Be aggressive!
Sue: Did you get some water?
Scott: Follow through Annie!
Sue: Your shoes look awesome sweetheart.
Scott: You did a nice job out there, you had great awareness of the field.
Sue: Are you hungry? Do you need something to eat?
Scott: If you keep practicing hard, you'll play like that all the time
Sue: Let's read to Mommy, come on time to do our reading
Scott: Footskills
Sue: Tie your shoe, you are going to trip.

We found an area in school Eman seems to have no trouble with: Counting money, go figure.

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