Thursday, May 31, 2012

I heart Eman

There are good teachers, there are great teachers, and then there are teachers who are so effective they can change a child, a family, and the outcome of a student.  Eman has brought us in contact with some of the most gifted teachers on the planet.

Last year, we were so impressed with Mrs. Gross, we changed our opinion on cloning and asked the principal if she could please put a copy of Mrs. Gross in the 2nd grade.  They did something better.  They gave Eman something rare in Elementary School, the coveted male teacher.  Don't we all remember Mr. Suzuki (sigh, Hi Tori's Mom, I miss you).

When I first met Mr. McGuire I was convinced Eman could take him out with a kick of the soccer ball.
Some of you may remember me going to open house when he matter of factly told the parents, this was a great class, they were going to have a great year, and we all had great kids.
That's when I politely raised my hand and asked if Eman had actually been attending?
Mr. McGuire is the author of all the happy notes.  There isn't anything bad, it's just how good is it.
His behavior charts that he sends home every week range from average, to good, to excellent.
(by the way for the first time Eman worked his way up to excellent this past week!)

Ms Shariff, Eman's new Special Ed teacher this year is equally as gifted.  Every time I see her she says, "he's doing well, don't worry, take care of yourself." in her middle eastern accent.  Where do they find these people?

So naturally when I was thinking of end of the year gifts, I was wanting to buy them each a new car.  That didn't really fit in our budget, so I asked Eman, "What do you want to get for Ms. Shariff and Mr. McGuire?"
He immediately responded, "I want to get them a t-shirt that says I heart Eman."
I said, "hmm, interesting, do you know that they heart you?"
He says, "yup," without a shred of doubt in his voice.
"How do you know?" I asked.
"Because I work hard in Ms Shariff's class and I have good self control in Mr. McGuire's class.  Haven't you been getting all the happy notes?" he asked stunned that I wouldn't already know all this.
"Yes, I have.  OK you're probably right.  Do you want your picture on the shirt too?" I said sarcastically.
"Yes, that's a great idea Mommy!"
"Then Mr. McGuire can wear it running," I say still thinking we aren't getting anywhere deciding this gift.

But then I talked to Scott, the out of the box parent.
"Hey if that's what he wants to give them.  We should let him.  He thought of it.  We should totally support how he wants to thank them."
OK, I'm slowly being convinced, they will get a good laugh, and they definitely won't get two of the same.  So after a lot of searching this is what I came up with:

Ms. Shariff will get something similar in a coffee mug. I wonder what Annie and Abegail want to get their teachers?

Mr. McGuire at field day

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