Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hi My Name is Eman

Eman and Scott are headed to Holland in August.  His soccer coach played there professionally and he is taking the entire team to show them how the Europeans train and what it takes to be a professional soccer player.
The team can fund raise to offset some of the cost.  I have been avoiding this as much as possible.  I just didn't know how Eman would do selling to strangers and explaining discount cards that give you deals at local businesses for an entire year.  But with the deadline for the final payment fast approaching, I knew I had to get on it.
So today Eman and I headed to Wal Mart to do our selling.  On the way he asked questions that did not bode well for the experience, "Will there be toys there?'  "Will there be food?"  "Whats a card?"  "What is fundraising?"  I did a poor job of explaining and said the other mom who we were scheduled with would do a better job of telling him what he needed to do.  So I arrived like any parent would have at this point, with low expectations.
Eman was not shy.  He had no problem going up to strange people and he was very strong in his first line, "Hi my name is Eman."
We did do a little coaching, especially after one of the first people said to him, "I don't have any money."  And Eman replied, "what are you a hobo?" 
Uh, not how you get money out of people Eman, your response to everyone is Thank You!
One man asked if Eman knew where Holland was.  "No," he replied as if that would not affect the man's ability to purchase a card.  The man gave a nice donation. Map of Netherlands
After two hours Eman, was extremely tired.  He did not want to approach another person and when he did, the pitch was fast, mumbled and sometimes mixed things up like, "We are saving money for Holland,"  or "We are selling money for Holland."

But overall Eman was amazing, and raised more than a hundred dollars for his trip.  So maybe if the soccer thing doesn't work out, he can be a salesman.  Now to do this just 6 more times!


tnt7kids said...

As "the other mom", I can attest to all of this! My kids were spent at the end of the shift too, but it was hilarious at times! We spent the first 10 minutes trying to get Eman and Anthony to SEPARATE, but who can separate the Bash Brothers? Haha! Then they were all competing for the same customers - guys we're SHARING!!! i'm surprised the people didn't run off! Thanks to everyone who helped us out yesterday!

gretchen said...

I am behind on my my blogs but love reading of Eman doing well. God has such great things in store for him and blessings on top of blessings for,you and Scott and all those angel teachers!

I miss you every time I go to the school and I was thinking this year how fun it would have been to see the girls play soccer together...sigh...

Happy fundraising!

P.s. The "hobo" comment---HILARIOUS!