Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's Been Going On.....

Here is an update from about mid June to mid July, in the midst of my excitement about Annie's first swim meet, I forgot to include her awesome All Star Tournament.  Her team did great and in the fourth and final game, Annie scored a goal!
They appropriately called themselves the Superstars!
We missed the MUAA reunion this year, the reunion with the other families whose have adopted kids from the AFAA house.  But we participated through skype and while we had a hard time with audio, everybody speaks the dance language of Justin Bieber
We did get a reunion with A and E's cousin Martu who came to visit us for 10 days.  
 What's the first thing you do with your cousin when you haven't seen them in two years?  You give your hair a relaxer together of course!
Martu traveled with us to Rochester, here are the beautiful girls
 Annie turned 8 at Grandma's.  This is her birthday dance.
 Eman played with the hose, no update needed
 Happy 4th of July!
 Grandpa Chuck runs a race with Mommy
 Annie is still enjoying the swim team.  As you can see she has graduated to wearing a cap and goggles.
 She has swam the 25 meter backstroke at every A meet. 
On Monday's she usually swims Freestyle and now has started swimming breaststroke, just two more weeks left.