Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Holland

Eman and Scott leave for Holland a week from Sunday.  I'm hoping Scott will give us regular updates through the blog.  We want to thank everyone who helped make the trip possible!

I'm headed to Holland and you helped make my trip possible so I want to say:
We are traveling from August 12th to August 23rd and will get the opportunity to train with some of the best soccer players in the world. Our coach has been preparing us for our trip.
Thank you for helping me get there!

Quotes from ANNIE:
We have been watching a lot of Olympics.
A: There's a country named Hungary?
M: Yes
A: You know there's also a country called Turkey.
M: Yes
A: Maybe Hungary should eat Turkey
M: There's also a country named Chile.
A: Wow, Hungary could have Turkey and Chile.

Another quote from ANNIE:
A: You should get one of those gold medals for being a mom
M: That's such a nice thing to say.
A: Yea, they should have a mom competition in the Olympics than you could go.
M: Unfortunately if Eman and Abegail had a say I probably wouldn't make the team.

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tracey said...

You should be in the Olympics! Sue you are th best mom and the most supportive friend. Love to see you still running with your Dad, can't believe that Annie is 8! Happy belated birthday. Tell E man good luck. We are all rooting for him in Florida. Miss you. Thought of you tonight. Had dinner with two co-workers from KWQC Paula Sands was in town visiting Louanne Walters who lives about a minute from me. Small world. Hadn't seen Paula in 7 years. Louanne is teaching a class on social media that I am taking. Lets catch up soon:)