Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3rd Grade

We only have pictures of the third graders this year, no 6th grade evidence, and as you can see Eman wasn't into posing.  But they all got to school and got home. In the Richardson house we mark that in the success column.   Eman said he only was taken to the hall to be talked to once.  But he did say, "Mrs. Cantu is so nice.  She told us all about her family and you know her life long dream was to be a third grade teacher.  That's what she wanted to do her whole life and now she's doing it."
Eman has had quite the adjustment coming home from Holland.  It had me thinking was the 12 days of calm energy in the house even worth it for this much of an upheaval when he got home?  But hopefully school will help him get back on track. 

Eman is obsessed with death.  He asks tons of questions all the time and at the end is always the same one.  "Will you die?"  Its the same conversation whether it's with me or Scott.
Here's a taste:
E: Mommy what color is Poison?
M: It depends
E: Will you die?
M: It depends.
E: My heart hurts.  Will I die?
M: No
E: Will I get heart cancer?
M: I've never heard of heart cancer.
E: Will I die?
M: No.
E: What happens if your house rocks, will you die?
M: It depends how much it rocks.
E: If the walls fall in, will you die?
M: You could die.
E: Do airplanes have horns?
M: I don't know
E: Well what if they don't and they run into one another, will you die?
M: It depends.

But Eman did have a nice quote I'm happy to share:
M: Eman did you miss spongebob while you were in Holland?
E: I missed you more

Another Quote from Eman:
We were talking about when we got him and Abegail from Africa.
E: It would be weird to have a family with only white kids.
(isn't it great he thinks we are the norm)

And more wisdom from Eman:
M: Eman get ready, we're going to church
E:  Why do I have to go to church?
When I die I will be with God all the time, why do I have to go see him now?
M: So he can get to know you and you can know him.
E: He already knows me.  When I get to heaven I'll just say, "Hi I'm Eman."
M: Fine, then I'll just say, "Hi I'm Eman's Mom."
E: Okay!  You know he can hear you right now.