Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Myra Poppins

We had just hired our 7th babysitter in two and a half years.  A man.  Even better a young man who had recently graduated from Lake Braddock High School after four years on the varsity soccer team.  Oh and he was African American.  Eman loved him!  Unfortunately for us he also coached a college basketball team and the practice times were changed.  So he called me one Saturday saying he could no longer work.
I texted Scott and said, "just one thing to do now, hope that Mary Poppins flies in with her umbrella and saves us all."
Scott texted back, (because of course we were at different soccer games) and said, "Ha, Ha, funny, but not really."
When I told the kids we had lost our sitter, Annie laughed.  "That's the fastest a sitter has quit, 2 weeks!"
Yes we were starting to look a little like Nanny McPhee where the kids in the movie tried to see how fast they could get a sitter to quit.  We had three sitters quit basically in the middle of their shifts out of frustration and four others who had jobs, college, or a host of other more important things come up.
But Brian would not leave us stranded, "I work with a woman, I think she will be perfect for you."
"Great, can she come meet with me Monday morning and start Monday night?"

In fact, Myra did agree to come meet me Monday morning.  I went into the meeting with the same enthusiasm I have for cleaning out the gutters.  Can you drive somewhat legally and get my kids to soccer somewhat on time? You're Hired!

But when Myra greeted me at the door, my attitude changed. "HI SUE!!" Myra said in a very cheerful, energetic voice.  Could Brian have sent me the black Mary Poppins??  Even better!
We chatted.  She had two grown sons, one with ADHD, "He asked a lot of questions growing up," she said.
"You are going to love Eman." I responded.
I asked her if she could start that night and in fact she could.  So, I started showing her around.  At the moment we had a fruit fly infestation from an old watermelon we had had sitting around three weeks earlier.  Translation: our home is so welcoming and fun not even flies want to leave.
I showed her the freezer and what she could cook for supper.  Frozen meals, pizza. Etc.
"hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm." said Myra, "My babies don't eat no frozen food."
Ok, I responded.  "I love to cook, I'll make them supper."
ok...I said.  I showed her a picture of each kid.  She looked at Abegail's hair.  "You want me to do her hair?" She asked.  "That would be amazing," I said.

So Myra started and after the first day and 'the best fried chicken ever,' the kids declared she was the best babysitter on the planet.   We are now in week three and Myra has almost gotten rid of all the fruit flies.  She also has helped with homework, done dishes, and asked politely if I would be offended if she cleaned the kids rooms and the sofa. "Yes I know it all smells like a soccer field." I said.  "Yes," she said laughing.
She's done both Eman and Abegail's hair.  Finally I admitted to her, "Thank you so much Myra, we were drowning."
"I know." said Myra.  "Don't you worry girl, I got your back."
Then Myra admitted to me, "You are an answer to my prayers, I just love those kids."

Who are you? I thought.  I mean I am the first to admit my kids are really tough.  I don't blame those sitters who quit on the spot one bit.  Did Myra really pray to God, "Please God give me some really hard kids who will take every ounce of strength I have and are always hungry."
And if she did pray that to God, then I have a suggestion.  Not that I'm trying to tell God how to do his job or anything, but maybe he should have an angel head up a Craig's list type of service in heaven.
Myra wants kids to take care of; ragged mother in Springfield in desperate need of someone who cares.
I think that would free up a lot of time if he didn't have to listen to those prayers and then he can go back to wars, poverty, disease, getting children to realize why they must go to church etc.

People have said to me, Myra is an answer to prayer.  I said, "I didn't even pray for her because I didn't know it was possible."

Abegail's soccer team is wearing pink socks at their games all through the month of October for breast cancer awareness.
Eman wanted to know why they were wearing pink socks.  When I told him it set this conversation into motion:
E: Am I going to get breast cancer?
M: No honey, it's very rare for men to get it.
E: What about other types of cancer?
M: You aren't going to get cancer.
E: What if I do?
M: We will get you medicine and you will be fine. (ok so I don't know that for sure, but I'm all about lying if it could comfort him and more importantly get him to stop asking questions)
E: But the cancer comes in October, how do you know I won't get it?
M: Oh no honey, cancer can come anytime...I mean.. you aren't going to get cancer in October.   October is just the month they raise awareness about it.
E: What's awareness?
M: To let people know about it so they can raise money for research.
E: What's research?
M: Where they find medicines for it and let people know about it.
E: I thought you said they had medicines and I would be fine if I got it.
the conversation is still ongoing....

And finally It's me Big Bird:
Eman's dear and first friend Hector moved in August.  Last weekend was the first time the boys got together in two months.  So what would you talk about in the car ride? Well of course you'd catch up on politics.
Scott is driving the boys and they see a lot of Mitt Romney signs. Here is the conversation he is overhearing...
"Mitt Romney wants to get rid of PBS kids and Big Bird."
"Yea, Big Bird costs a lot of money."
"You see how big and yellow he is?  He eats a lot."  (Translation Big Bird uses a lot of food stamps)
"I love Big Bird."  "I know me too..."

"Well hey, he also wants to take away women's rights"
"Yea, so they can't vote.  They will have no rights, and boys will be able to beat up girls."

"Barack Obama he just wants to keep things the way they are.  He doesn't want to do anything."
"Yea he just wants to sit in the White House and do nothing."
"Well except he has to approve those messages."


Bob Wolff said...

I love reading your stories. I was reading your intro to Myra to my parents who are visiting today...with tears in my eyes. Myra sounds like a wonderful woman.

Debbie Googeg said...

It appears that you have found a great lady!


gretchen said...

Everything about this post is awesome. :) Thank God for Myra! And I love that God answers prayers that we didn't even think to pray because we couldn't dream big enough to see them. I hope so many more of those answers come to you and your sweet family.
We miss you!!!

Pam K said...

Kids say the darndest things. I love to read about what they are up to (and get a few laughs in as well for what they say!) Hope Myra is still with you, she sounds amazing!

Pam K said...

Kids say the darndest things. I love to read about what they are up to (and get a few laughs in as well for what they say!) Hope Myra is still with you, she sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

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