Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Annie's All Stars

Quotes From the Kids:
Abegail on Election day: "What is President Obama going to do if he doesn't win?  Will he have to get a job, go work at McDonalds, 'I used to be President I don't know what happened?' do you want fries with that?"

Eman day after the election: Is Mitt Romney still rich?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Is It Monday?

Eman: Mommy is today Monday?
M: No, it's Thursday.
E: Is tomorrow Monday?
M: No, it's Friday
E: Then is is Monday?
M: No then Saturday?
E: Then Monday?!
M: No then Sunday.
E: And then Monday?
M: Yes then Monday.

E: Mommy is it Fall?
M: Yes.
E: And then Spring?
M: No then Winter.
E: Oh it's going to be cold.

Our former babysitter, Brian (the one who discovered the angel Myra Poppins) came over to give Eman some proper xbox competition.  Eman loved it and was so well behaved last night and this morning.  He said, "Mommy will you tell everyone what I good boy I was?"  I said, "Yes I'm going to broadcast it on the blog!"