Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mommys Bad Birthday Gift...

I wanted to give Eman and Annie something different for their birthdays this year.   They are a week apart so I thought it would be fun to take them horseback riding, something I did as a kid.  Eman wanted to know why anyone would go out and walk around on a horse.  The girls were excited.  On the way there, Eman agreed to try, but once we got there he said no way, he was not getting up on a horse.  So he stayed back at the barn with the staff. 
We got to the trail and met Patrick, Jim, and Misty.  Very sweet horses by appearance.  We get on the horses, learn a little about what to do and we were off on the trail.  But about 30 seconds into the ride Abegail's horse starts trotting and she is terrified.  She jumps off the horse and rolls on the ground.  She is scared and the wrangler says, "we are done."
We did get her back on the horse at the barn because I told the wranger, "isn't that the rule of life, when you fall off the horse get back on?"  But I'm pretty sure I will not be signing us up for a week at the dude ranch any time soon.  I did get some pretty cute pics though.