Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rest In Peace Alexander

No more suffering, no more hunger...We will remember you always Alexander.  The hole and loss is unimaginable.  Thank you for my children.

Friday, July 18, 2014


We are I'm Oklahoma for a reunion of kids who were in the orphanage the same time As A&E. This year there are 25 of us, 5 families, 13 Liberians, 4 siblings, 7 mothers, and 1 Grandma.
Oh yea they are still all unbelievable athletes

Saturday, July 12, 2014

We're Home

 Great to be back with all my kiddos. And each flight was on time!

Leaving Liberia

Sad good byes at the airport but a good trip. Really felt like we saw a lot of Liberia and got to know their families.  I think Abegail's Dad is a great father who would do anything for his children. They are all impressive.  Before we left her Mom and Dad took her aside telling her she has the opportunity every child in Liberia would love to have, work hard, make the most of it, and listen to your mother!  Not sure if anything will change but I did appreciate the feeling we were a team all invested in her outcome.
Moms saying goodbye
As you can see everyone wore their finest.  Little Abegail is wearing a dress Annie wore in a dance recital. 
Here we are the fearless four with our driver Fallah.  At this point I'm just hoping our trip home is not a repeat of 7 years ago. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

A visit to the AFAA House

We spent our last morning here visiting the orphanage where both Martu and Abegail spent more than a year
This time it was them taking pictures and showing the children. 
This is where they had school. Both girls thought the conditions were much worse than they remember. 
Of the 15 children here at least5 are special needs
The girls room where they slept

Thursday, July 10, 2014


During our trip here Kate and I both noticed a seemingly shy 12 year old girl. She is Martu's niece. She was extremely obidient but seemed to be a shell of a girl just now heading into 2nd grade. We all agreed we wanted her to stay with us on our last night. It was the first time she saw the ocean, ate a French fry, pizza or hamburger (which she did not like).  She went swimming for the first time and took her first hot shower. She came alive. She loved taking and looking at pictures and at dinner said "I will miss you so much when you go". Here's her day.

Last full day with families...

Taking lots of final pictures. Alex jr. And Aaron. 
Abegail's niece Abegail.  New outfit courtesy Target. Abegail got a special gift card to spend before she came. 
Matching with sister Glori
I eat like Eman
Alice took these girls in. Their mother died. 
We brought Alexander new glasses. 
Alice and her girls. Belinda and Esther 

Learning to use the computer Abegail brought them. 
We are the mothers
The whole clan

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Village to Visit

Before Alexander got his job at Firestone he built a mud house near the airport.  It took him 10 months. Now Abegail's oldest sister and her family live their with their two children.
The Davis' are very proud of this house. Alice kept saying to me "You like my house?  You like my village?"
The Davis' know a lot of people in this community and we met several people. Abegail has been great about meeting what seems to be dozens of people she doesn't know or doesn't remember. Every one has heard of her. 
We took a walk just up the road and saw where they go to church. 
We also met more neighbors and a great Aunt
Yes this is the first overweight person I've seen here. She is lovely it's just an observation. 
Then we had time to take some great photos. 
Abegail's sister Belinda with daughter Glori who just happened to get a new doll from Abegail. 
And Annie's clothes are already hanging out to dry. 
After a great day we head home.  Everyone is very concerned we leave before dark because the road from Harbel to where we are staying is dark and dangerous.  
So when our car broke down it sent shivers up my spine.  Our driver, Fallah, has been unbelievable and I don't think their is a more grateful man in the country. 
He eats one meal a day and that book in his's the bible. He reads it whenever we stop and he has to wait for us.  This morning he prayed before we headed out.  And his prayers worked. Because soon after our car came to a stop at dusk a man named Marcus pulled over to help.  Turns out Marcus is from Minneapolis and was here to bring his daughters back to the US.  He gave us a ride the rest of the way and assured us Fallah would be fine and had an easy fix to get going again. So God willing we will be in Fallaha safe hands again tomorrow.