Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back to Liberia...

Abegail, 7 years old in Liberia, a day before leaving for her new life in America
Abegail and I are headed back to Liberia in July to visit her birth family.
Abegail remembers her family and has missed them dearly.  She has expressed that she is afraid they will not look the same when she sees them again or worse they will not be around.  Her face glows when we talk about her trip.

Her family is excited to see her again and yes they would like us to bring some of America with us.  If you have any connections and can help provide any of the following items for us to bring them we'd be grateful. These can be new or gently used items.  If you are interested in donating or know someone who is or have connections with a company willing to help just contact me at sturner6@hotmail.com with the subject line: Donations for Liberia.  There are six members of Abegail's immediate family, 3 Women and 3 Men. We thank you in advance! Also if you have an adopted child from Liberia and would like us to bring them something or pictures please let me know!

1.) 2 labtops with printers for kids school work
2.) Shoes; sneakers and church shoes: Sizes are; 2 men's size 8, one men's size 9
three female size 8
3.) Clothing: 
T-shirts, dress shirts, pants for men in size Large, Extra large, waist 31", length 41"
One mens pants waist 29"
     For Women: T-shirts, blouses, size medium, skirts to knee, waist 33"
4.) Rain Jackets for 6 people
5.) Wrist watches
6.) Digital camera
7.) One pair of reading glasses, lenses are +200
8.) Hair grease
9.) Lotion
10.) Bath soap (bars)
11.) Baby powder
12.) Lubricant eye drops
13.) Clothes for two girls ages 17months and 5 years old.

Abegail 14 in Virginia Beach after a soccer tournament last weekend looking at the Atlantic Ocean