Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7 year changes

I was here 7 years ago and things have changed a bit since then. It seems there are more people off to work, more hustle and bustle in Monrovia like any city would have, and more congestion. I don't remember seeing a single stop light in 2007.  Today we saw at least three.  And the traffic in and out of Monrovia is extremely jammed.  Never mind there are still just two lane roads. But I'm happy to say we saw a brand new bank building and another building with people in suits that gave me great encouragement.  Another big change instead of one tv station going in and out airing reruns of 'good day Dubai' there are at least 6 channels and they do get all the World Cup games. We even saw a real soccer game going on but it was on dirt with no nets.  
We spent the morning at the Waterside market.  There you could buy everything from clothes to linonlium floors.  It was all on the side of the road and very primitive but as they say here, There was plenty.  
Martu's mom really wanted us to see a new house she is building with her son so we fought the traffic to Paynesville.  The way there provided us with a beautiful new road built just this year.  Unfortunately the road to Siah's house is long dirt road with many potholes and this is the rainy season. 
The last part of the journey was a 10 minute walk.  In all it probably took 
Us an hour to go about a mile.  
Siah's son Thomas has worked the last six months to get half the blocks up. 
This is the view from front porch. 
The way there and back was quite amusing for me because it was quite obvious some of the people and most of the children had never seen a white person in real life.  I'm not sure if it was the pointing and yelling "white person" that gave it away or the children running from me like they had just seen a ghost.  I ended up waving and smiling like I was in a parade and most people turned their stares into waves and smiles too.  I even helped the driver back up and some guys on a motorbike yelled, "speckled white girl directing traffic!"
After getting off the long dirt road it was another long drive over to the Davis family.  

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Nancy said...

You always add a touch of humor, Sue - I hope you were using your queen Elisabeth wave.