Friday, July 11, 2014

A visit to the AFAA House

We spent our last morning here visiting the orphanage where both Martu and Abegail spent more than a year
This time it was them taking pictures and showing the children. 
This is where they had school. Both girls thought the conditions were much worse than they remember. 
Of the 15 children here at least5 are special needs
The girls room where they slept


Nancy said...

how beautiful the girls look! I remember one really terrible, I mean terrible flight that I had with a baby and a five year old. We got transferred to an Iranian airline where women were treated very badly and no one was willing to help a woman with children. Last on the flight, last off, no help with overhead rack etc. Ended up for a long delay in London, arriving in Syracuse 36 hours late. I kept telling myself, 'I'll be laughing about this someday.' And I do, often. But at the time it was awful! I think that is what Martu and Abby felt when they saw the orphanage.

Anonymous said...

I think that was the perfect way to end the trip...a stop at the AFAA House. Hopefully the girls were able to put everything into perspective and see just how amazing they incredible their journey is...and just how much they have to offer the world.

Obviously they'll settle back into "real life" once they return home...but here's to the hope that they carry the memories of this trip with them forever!!

To you and Kate....THANK YOU for going on this trip with these girls. I know how hard it must have been to go back...but you did a really good thing for these two girls.

Caroline English said...

Sue and Abegail, safe travels on your way home. Sue, try not to squeeze Abegail's hand so much that you cut off her circulation. :-) Much love and can't wait to hug you both. Love, Caroline

Nancy said...

I just looked at the entire trip journal again, and am so thankful to you for being so thoughtful as to make this come alive for all of us back here too. I agree with Scott that you did a wonderful thing for Abby and Martu, but for so many others as well, making memories for their families, and making us all aware again of the interconnectedness of all people everywhere. Safe travels to all four of you mixed with lots of love and admiration.