Monday, July 7, 2014

A visit to Martu's Family

We get up and found a new hotel with running water about half way between where the families live and Monrovia.  Then we were off to Martus family, Abegail's cousins family.  The poverty on the way there was once again eye opening. I think the girls were even in awe.  We got to Martus families village and were greeted by their 83 year old grandmother. This is their mothers mother.  Now I know where Eman gets his muscles
Grandma only knows two words in English, thank you.  She said them over and over and didn't stop dancing in happiness to see two of her 26 beloved grandchildren again
Grandma has a garden where she grows all sorts of things. 
Martus mother had lunch for us. 
The girls ate and ate.  Their home is simple A few rooms, a tin roof, no electricity,no running water.  If you are a child you pee where you are. (Ah memories of Eman first coming home). If an adult you go out back. There is a simple fire for cooking. 
This is Martus mom. She catches fish with this. 
Every mother has a pile of laundry.
Martu's niece named for her, Martu gets a present from Annie. 
She has twirling down
They raise baby chicks. 
Abegail's uncle and cousin
More presents and little kids love having their picture taken
That's all for now...

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Caroline English said...

Of all the pictures you've posted, the one of Grandma dancing is my very favorite. It looks like it could be a professional shot in Life Magazine.