Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abegail's Family Cooks

When we first met Abegail and Eman we asked them what their favorite food was. They both said fried fish.  I never got it until today when their mom made fried fish, rice, potatoe greens, and a spicy crawfish dish.
They fed us but did not eat.  I find out they have no food for tomorrow. It is a day by day survival game but it doesn't stop their hospitality.  People came from all over the community to see us.  One Woman drove 2 and a half hours.  She is Alice's great friend.
Abegail doesn't remember a lot of the distant friends but they all know her and every one who meets me starts not with "it's nice to meet you" but "Thank you".  
Annie's clothes continue to be a hit.
Abegail's niece Abegail is scared of me and cries every time she looks at me. 
And finally Abegail's Moms. We have hugged each other at least a dozen times. 


Caroline English said...

Loving all of the posts Sue and following them by the minute. Love to you and Abegail. So glad the trip is going so well. Come back soon and safe though, we miss you here.

Shelby said...

Humbled to watch your journey. Inspired by all of you.

Debbie Googeg said...

I have been following every post -- I can not imagine the swirl of emotions. Been praying for you.


Nancy said...

I love the picture of Abegail's moms -mothers know! This is an emotional journey for everyone and I too am inspired by you all!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Nancy.....the "mom's" photo is pretty special.

Anonymous said...

Also....LOVE Abegail's t-shirt. WHAT EVER!!!