Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 4

Our day started at Martu's family. Her mother was at the river when we arrived seeing what was in her crawfish basket she had there since Monday.
She got a lot but she said it wasn't a lot that they were not in season. 
Now comes the fun part. She takes a knife cuts the legs off, (yes they are still moving) then cuts the heads off. It looked like a lot of work so I offered to help. Yes I've come a long way since the days when Abegail put a dead fish on my pillow as a joke.  But it was not as easy as Siah's made it.  They would jump out of my hands, I would lose some of the meat.  They all told me my hands were too soft.  
After that Siah's added some spices and cooked it up over rice for lunch. 
The girls and I also got to try pure sugar cane which grows in their garden.  
And I have a new friend. His name is Thomas.  He is Martu's nephew.  He reminds me so so much of Eman. 
No I'm not bringing him home but he does cry every time I leave. 
Another little girl cried in sheer terror of me. She was a neighbor. But we won her over showing her, her picture on video and soon she was learning my specialty ring around the rosy. 
Speaking of Eman. I have asked everyone I know what he was like as a baby.  He was born weighing ten pounds, the only child of the Davis 7 to be born in a hospital.  And apparently he came out special.  I told both mom and dad he is hard and all they say is "sorry".  No, do you have any advice?  But the stories I'm hearing sound like Eman has always been Eman. My special boy who will be something great. 


Scott Richardson said...
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Scott Richardson said...

Eman certainly is Eman....there is no one else like him. I remember the fish in the bed prank. It was one of those "someday we'll all sit down and have a good laugh about this" type things...but I honestly didn't think I'd live to see the day! And at the time, I didn't think ABEGAIL would live to see ANY day!! :)

What an amazing trip! I'm curious to hear how Abegail is taking this all in.