Saturday, July 12, 2014

Leaving Liberia

Sad good byes at the airport but a good trip. Really felt like we saw a lot of Liberia and got to know their families.  I think Abegail's Dad is a great father who would do anything for his children. They are all impressive.  Before we left her Mom and Dad took her aside telling her she has the opportunity every child in Liberia would love to have, work hard, make the most of it, and listen to your mother!  Not sure if anything will change but I did appreciate the feeling we were a team all invested in her outcome.
Moms saying goodbye
As you can see everyone wore their finest.  Little Abegail is wearing a dress Annie wore in a dance recital. 
Here we are the fearless four with our driver Fallah.  At this point I'm just hoping our trip home is not a repeat of 7 years ago. 

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