Monday, July 7, 2014

On to Abegail's family home

By now you know we've done a lot of driving and haven't wasted a second. Yes I'm still posting from day 2!  The Davis family got their goodies.  My favorite comes in soccer gear from both Eman and Abegail's coaches. They love it all. 
This is dad and two brothers. 

Then we add sister and neighbor to round out the cheering squad
Aaron. The brother closest in age to Abegail walked me to his his school. He is 19 and entering 7th
Grade. That's what war does, it brings education to a standstill. But he is plugging along and still going. 
I than had a nice walk and talk with Alexander and the boys. Alex jr is studying cargo and hopes to get a job at the airport.  
The family lives in this community. It is a two room house they are allowed to live in as part of 
Alexander's job at Firestone. He is an inspector at the plant and after deductions makes $163 a month. 
But they are not doing bad by Liberian standards. They have electricity and running water to 
Flush a toilet and cook with. (Not safe to drink)
This is a rubber tree. They are all around the community.  They say every morning at 6 am people come to tap the bark of the tree and get the rubber out. 
Abegail bought them a lab top and made videos for them and they have spent most of their time watching these awful videos. But it gave them a chance to see Annie and Eman in action which they loved. 
A few years ago when life was different we gave Alexander money to buy land and he did. Here is
The deed to prove it. He hopes to build on it one day
Finally, we brought Abegail and Martu's sisters back to the hotel to stay the night with us. 
They each had their very first French fry. Martu's sister is 30. Abegail's is 22. 


Anonymous said...

Love the BRYC & Joga SC jerseys!! And it's so good to see the land deed. Looks like the girls all had a nice dinner!!

Nancy said...

I love all the pictures. It helps me to visualize everything that must be going through Abegail's and Martu's minds! It seems like you all should be needing some sleep by now! Enjoy every minute and come home safely!